Standing rotors

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You have the opportunity to choose your system solutions between five different rotors (standing fans). They differ among themselves in the diameter of the rotor, as well as in the number of nozzles that disperse mist. Fan rates are from 7,800m³ to 13,200m³ per hour. They are combined with each other to optimally meet your requirements.

Type Diameter Nozzles Cooling capacity Per area Circulation Max. Water consumption
FRS20/3 20″ 3 5-10°C 30m² 7.800m³/h 12l/h
FRS24/4 24″ 4 5-10°C 40m“ 11.700m³/h 16l/h
FRS26/6 26″ 6 5-10°C 50m² 13.200m³/h 24l/h