MUC portable cooling system

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The Masterkool series product line now has a new member Masterkool "Ultra-Ice". With a new design and improved details, the new model has a lot to offer.

With a tank capacity of 30 liters, an action capacity of 15 hours can now be achieved. The LED display allows with just one touch of the remote to change the speed of the product, and the "time" function allows the water spraying system to work at intervals.

Improved inverter technology allows higher speed and gentler water mist. The best cooling effect is achieved with a droplet size of 8-14 microns.

Technical data:

Fan Diameter 24"
Height 210 cm
Net weight 42 kg
Weight (filled) 72 kg
Horizontal rotation angle 90°
Water capacity 30 liters
Operating capacity with a full tank 6-15 hours
Droplet size 8-14 µm
Temperature amplitude (15-30m²) 5°-10° Celsius
Air volume 11700 m³ (!) per hour (195m³/min)
Input data 300 Watts (220-240 Volts)

CE, ISO 9001-2000