MIC portable cooling system

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Masterkool Issy Cool is the older brother of Masterkool Ice. It combines some of the high pressure system with the mobility of Masterkool Ice.

With a water capacity of 30 liters and the possibility of direct water supply, the system can work continuously. Through the connection between two other rotors, the system has the ability to cool 120 m2 to 10 degrees Celsius.

The system disperses droplets with a size of 5 microns. The drops are 15 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. With its mobility, the system allows installation wherever you want it to be cooled.

Diameter 24″
Height 210-240cm
Net weight 71 kg
Weight (filled) 101 kg
Horizontal rotation angle 90°
Possibility of expansion Up to 12 nozzles
Drop size 30 liters
Duration of work (full-time) 2 hours
Water indicator yes
Droplet size 5 microns
Output pressure 75 Bar
Cooling (15-35m²) 5°-10° degrees Celsius
Air volume 11700 m³ (!) per hour (195m³/min)
Power data 360 watts (220-240 volts)
Norms CE, ISO 9001-2000