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The structures are manufactured according to the customer’s individual need and order, the duration of use, as well as the region in which they must be installed. The load-bearing structures are made of high quality aluminum profiles and hot galvanized metal connecting elements. The roof coverings are made of PVC tarpaulins, which can be additionally insulated by thermal ceilings or by anti­condensation membranes. The side coatings can be made of PVC tarpaulins of different density and weight, with a combustibility rate of B1M2, as well as sheet metal, rigid PVC sheets, sandwich panels or glass facades. The structures can withstand various atmospheric loads, such as snow and wind gusts, depending on the region in which they will be installed.

The advantages of easily assembled and portable structures are:

  • Easy and fast installation.
  • No concrete foundations needed. Easy set up to the ground base using ground anchors.
  • A building permit isn't required, but a several times faster procedure with a placement permit.
  • They don't erode.
  • High residual value.
  • Easy and fast possibility for extension, expansion, connection and partial assembly and disassembly.
  • Low transport and installation costs

The facade is the appearance, as the good appearance is determined by well-chosen materials depending on the purpose of use of the hall.
The facade can be made of PVC canvas - solid or transparent, metal sheet, sandwich panel, rigid PVC sheets and windows.

Facade of PVC canvas:

Facade of LT sheet metal:

Sandwich panel facade:

Facade of solid PVC sheets:

Glazed facades:

The roof coverings are made of PVC tarpaulin with different density and weight.They can be in a color chosen by RAL standards.    

PVC roofs:     


Depending on the specifics of the indoor area, variants of thermal or anti-condensation membranes are also available.

Thermal insulation roof with double:     


Anti-condensation membranes:   

Each door is made according to the size of the opening, in accordance with the possibilities of the constructions and the specifics of the respective activities in it.
The industrial doors are used in industrial or production halls, workshops, garages, warehouses and more. The doors can be sectional, roller, sliding, single, double, personal and fast doors.
Can be manufactured from LT metal sheet, PVC tarpaulin, sandwich panel. The color range is standard according to the RAL catalog.  

Fast doors:


Double-leaf personal doors:

Personal doors:

Personal doors made of PVC canvas:

Industrial sliding door made of LT sheet metal:

Industrial sliding door made of PVC canvas:

Rolling doors: