Travel bed with 8 legs

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  • Folded: 90 x 95 x 32 cm
  • Height: 30 cm.
  • Length: 2.09 m.
  • Width: 85 cm. Weight: 15 kg


    The bed has 8 adjustable legs. 4 in the middle, 2 at the feet and 2 at the head for very good stability. The length of the telescopic legs changes within 10 cm. Height from 30 to 40 cm above the ground. The steel structure withstands a load of up to 100 kg. The legs are locked with eccentric mechanisms so that they do not open when the body is moved. The foam mattress provides superior comfort, conforming to the shape of the body to ensure a full rest. It is double-sided, with one side lined with fleece to provide extra warmth in winter. There is a pocket for a pillow on the back of the backrest. It is included in the set. For easier storage and transport, the bed is sold with a cover. You can hang it on the side with a zipper.