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Advantages of aluminum tents, halls, hangars using steel wire connections versus fully steel!

 All aluminum tents, warehouses, hangars, halls compared to steel ones are lightweighted due to the  differences in the relative weight per kilogram of  steel and aluminum.

The weight of  construction is very important and gives a chance  quickly and in short time  to cover vast areas of land. Incomparable in time to build a standard type distributed on the traditional market called metal halls from one kind or another.

The product that give us possibility, for design and attach each other that are use in construction and covered, clamping elements is unmatched in speed and aesthetics, innovation and  types in the design and realize, they offer practicality and simplicity, short time for installation, dismantling, lower transport costs and long “life”.

Exactly the modular, puzzle principle of construction, interchangeability of the most part of details practically give us not one, but many tent, halls, warehouse or hangar advantage to buy one, than we have many. We have them in not isolation storages, but we need a solution for heating, manufacturing, replace dress change cover and timely satisfy our demand.

For a short time in production or pleasing cycle, the needs of dry place, roof, shed, pergola, tents, awning, shed or hall became our constant companion. The next need is part of our development of sites, construction or not construction sites, using the multifunctional on some of the modules or any other items.

Staked on a wise thought: "everything flows, everythings changing" we only use fast mobile, interchangeable clamps, wire rope, turnbuckles, bolts, rivets and other puck up and coupling elements.

The path of our products is accompanied by a pragmatic and optimized minimal cost (no need for foundations, crane, smooth for regularization, quick replacement only coverage or other parts elements you do not need a group of high-qualified specialists in damage needs or renewal ) time and money supporting your business and needs.

If you have different types and aluminum construction designs, manufactures of us you do not have a pile of "scrap", but an investment that can change the function and its owner repeatedly (existing secondary market), the most  value and small area,  which occupies disassembly condition and long life time, not self-similar and competition.

Our team guarantees continuous development and new products!